Boost Your Immune System With Immune Support Med Packs

Bob Lomenick, RPh

Bob Lomenick, RPh

Owner and Pharmacist at Right Way Meds

Right Way Meds Immune Support Med Packs - Pharmacist-designed OTC regimen to boost immune health.

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In the wake of the current global pandemic, many of our patients are asking the same question: What can I do to boost my immune system?

Obviously Coronavirus is the main culprit behind the sudden interest in immune health. There’s not enough research behind any specific preventative medication regimens; however, our pharmacists have designed a combination of vitamins and supplements to help boost your immune system.

Our Recommended Regimen

Our pharmacists agree that taking the following over-the-counter supplements in combination with one another can help prepare one’s body for future sickness. We’ve also added a short description of each supplement’s role in your body’s health with research gathered by pharmacy students from the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy.

NAC (N-acetylcysteine): Used as an antioxidant and mucolytic (helps clear mucus out of the respiratory tract). NAC is a precursor of glutathione, the major antioxidant inside cells. It prevents reactions that could cause cell damage and harm the immune system. NAC has been shown to regulate inflammatory processes and improve oxygen transport in the body.

Probiotic: Probiotics contain live bacteria which activate immune cells, protect against harmful bacteria, and boost the immune system. Probiotics have also been shown to have antiviral activity and research suggests that they can shorten the duration of viral respiratory infections.

Vitamin C: A potent antioxidant and cofactor for several regulatory enzymes. Vitamin C accumulates in immune cells and enhances their activity. It is thought to be able to both prevent and treat respiratory and systemic infections. Infection prevention is seen at strengths of at least 100-200 mg/day.

Vitamin D3: Vitamin D has major effects on nearly all types of immune cells. Most immune cells have the Vitamin D receptor, which indicates that Vitamin D plays an important role in both the innate and adaptive immune processes.

Zinc sulfate: Improves the circulation of antibodies, lymphocytes, and plasma cells. Studies show that it reduces duration and severity of viral syndromes.

Right Way Meds Immune Support Med Packs

So we’ve explained what supplements to take to help boost your immune system and specifically how they can benefit your immune health. All of the listed supplements can be purchased over-the-counter from your local pharmacy, and at Right Way Meds we’ve gone a step further. We’ve pre-packaged a one month supply containing each of the listed supplements in our Med Packs available at any of our retail pharmacies.

Pickup your Immune Support Med Pack at our pharmacy or at any of our sister stores listed below:

Tyson Drugs
145 E Van Dorn Ave
Holly Springs, MS

Potts Camp Pharmacy
41 S Center St
Potts Camp, MS

G & M Pharmacy
2159 S Lamar Blvd
Oxford, MS


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