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All your medications, minus the sorting.

Pill Pack, Med Pack, Compliance Packaging

Regardless of what you call it, it's what we do. Our pharmacy has made taking medications simple for thousands of patients and caregivers, and we can do the same for you!

Say Goodbye to Sorting Your Medications

Your medications sorted by date and time with no extra costs other than your copay.

We're real people, not a call center

We know our patients by name, and they know ours. We're a hometown pharmacy located in Holly Springs, MS serving a large area throughout North Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee.

See How It Works

1. Review

Verify the date and time on your next packet are correct.

2. Detach and Open

Tear along the perforated line to open packet.

3. Administer

Simply take your medications.

Easy, Convenient, and Safe

Each and every packet is carefully reviewed by a pharmacist for accuracy. Each month, your Med Pack includes a detailed list of your medications with images and instructions for your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our service and delivery is free of charge. All you pay is your copay.

Our pharmacy currently delivers Med Packs throughout North Mississippi and upwards into Tennessee. We are an open-door pharmacy located in Holly Springs, MS where we also welcome our patients who prefer to pick up their Med Packs each month.

Changes in medications are very common, therefore we offer several options to make changes to your Med Packs:

• Stop by one of our 3 sister pharmacies throughout North Mississippi; we have staff trained in adjusting your Med Packs after any changes.

• Mail us your Med Pack and we’ll make any adjustments and mail back. We just ask that you cover shipping.

• Give us a call and we’ll walk you through adjusting your Med Pack. We’ll help identify medications and will be happy to video call if needed.

We can fill those too! We are able to fill any other prescription products and bill your prescription insurance. Whether you need these items monthly or as needed, we’ll verify with you on your monthly check-in and have them prepared along with your Med Packs.

Getting started is easy. Simply give us a call or click Get Started and we’ll begin gathering your prescription and insurance information. We’ll schedule your first Med Pack and fill any urgent medications you may be low on.

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